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New environment 'my sports account'.

Published: 09th December 2021 Last updated: 28th July 2022

As of Tuesday, December 14, 2021, we are switching to a new “my sports account” environment. It looks a bit flashier, and it is more clearly laid out. Check out everything you want to know about the switch below.

1. What does the transition on December 14 for you?

Tuesday morning, December 14 2021, the new system becomes active. What does that mean for you?

  • From about 05:30h on Tuesday morning, the current “my sports account” doesn't work anymore.
  • Between 05:30 and +/- 09:00h you cannot make reservations or purchases.
  • The new version of “my sports account” is scheduled to be live at 09:00h.
  • Please note that not everything works perfectly right away. We ask for your patience!

2. Logging in to “my sports account.”

  • Do you already have an account in the current “my sports account”? Log in with the same login details you used for the current environment.  

3. Making reservations and canceling via “my sports account.”

  • After logging in, you will land directly on the schedule page.
  • Use the filter to show your sport in the schedule by typing in the search bar or using the filter option.  You can search by category (e.g., aerobics) but also on a specific sport (e.g., spinning). Note: you always have to choose an option in the filter, otherwise the schedule will not show anything.
  • Choose the date you want to train.
  • Then click on the activity of your choice and complete your reservation.
  • Are you unable to come and do you want to cancel your reservation? Go to my reservations and cancel your reservation with one push of the button. In this way, you avoid a fine and someone else can take your place.

4. Making purchases in “my sport account.”

Would you like to buy a sports membership or renew your sports membership? Or do you want to register for a course? Then go to the shop in “my sports account.” There you can choose from the different memberships and make your purchase. You can also register here for the courses that the Sports Center offers.

5. New app

From Tuesday, December 14, 2021, we will use a new app. In this app you can buy/renew your sports membership, make reservations, register for courses, and with this app, you can scan the QR code for access. Therefore, from December 14 onwards, all you need is the app...! 

How to get the app

If you are running an update of the Access App on December 14, you will get the correct version. If you don't have an app installed yet, you can download the Sports Center Tilburg app as of December 14. Please make sure that you download the right app!

6. Be patient!

In the new system, there will certainly be some bugs, teething problems, and flaws in the beginning. Annoying but that's how it is. Know that we keep working on it!

7. Questions?

Are you struggling with something in the new environment,  do you have ideas to improve something, or do you have questions? Let us know by sending an e-mail to: