Tilburg University promotie PhD Defense

Promotie E.A. Henderson-Dekort

Datum: Tijd: 16:30 Locatie: Portraits room

The Unheard Voices and Capacities of Children Involved in Family Law Proceedings: The Development of an Innovative Rights-Based Standard of Practice to Ensure the Meaningful Participation of Children

Henderson - Dekorts' research involved a critical literature analysis gathering research and literature relating to children’s rights and children’s capacities from both developmental and legal perspectives. Based on the literature, an interview guide was created to gather the perspectives of experts in the fields of child development and family law regarding the current model of family law proceedings, limitations within, and the consideration of children’s rights and capacities. Additionally, empirical research using child-friendly methodology was conducted to gather the insights of children between the ages of 6 and 12 regarding their own rights, capacities, and best interests. Collectively the literature, and empirical efforts informed the creation of a provisional, rights-based standard of practice referred to as the QUINCCR Standard. This standard aims to shift ideologies surrounding the capacities of children and ensure that any family law proceedings are conducted in a way that upholds and actualizes the rights of children. 

  • Locatie: Cobbenhagen building, Portraits room
  • Promotores: prof. dr. H.J.A. van Bakel, prof. dr. M.R.F. Van Regenmortel
  • Copromotor: mr. dr. V.M. Smits

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