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Hartslagcafé: Tilburg, leefbare Stad? *

Is everything going fine in Tilburg? No need to change anything anymore? With a view to the municipal elections, Heartbeat Café is investigating the quality of life in the city. What about the social cohesion and local amenities? And how safe is a city that is threatened by drug-related crime? (language: Dutch)

Program information
Date Thursday February 15, 2018
Start 0:00- 22:15 hrs, walk in 19:30
Location Muziekpodium Paradox, Telegraafstraat 62, Tilburg
Admission 3 Euro, students free access (student/University card). Tickets via Paradox. Students can make a reservaton by sending an email to
Speakers Pieter Tops, professor Politics and Public Administration (Tilburg University) John Dagevos, managing director Telos (Tilburg University)
Panel, with Ralf Embrechts (dir. MOM), Konrad Wilthagen (expert police), Menno Imming (operational specialist police), Gon Mevis (directeur ContourdeTwern). Presentation: Richard Engelfriet.
Language Dutch
Contact Has Klerx
Organisation Academic Forum (Tilburg University), study association Versot and Tilburg DebatStad
Certificaat * This activity may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate

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More information about this Dutch event on the Dutch webpage.


Wanneer: 15 februari 2018 20:00

Einddatum: 15 februari 2018 22:15