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Keuzegids Universities 2016: Nine Tilburg University Bachelors rank #1

PRESS RELEASE November 2nd, 2015 - Nine Tilburg University Bachelor’s programs have been ranked as the best in their field. This was shown by the rankings in the Keuzegids Universities 2016, published on Monday, in which the quality of the Dutch academic Bachelor’s programs is compared and assessed. The Keuzegids rankings are largely based on student ratings as part of the National Student Survey (NSE). Among the fourteen Dutch research universities, Tilburg University now occupied the fourth position in the ranking of the best Bachelor’s programs. In 2015, we were sixth and in 2014 in ninth position.

Overall, Tilburg University scores 64 points, an increase relative to 2015 (63) and 2014 (61.5). The national average across all universities is 61.9. In the Keuzegids, Wageningen University is the best scoring university with 75 points; with 53.5 points, the UvA has the lowest score.

Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts: ‘It is clear that our programs belong to the top of Dutch academic education. The scores show a wonderful achievement across our Bachelor’s programs, which fills us with pride. This is the result of the fact that our programs are continually assessed, both internally and externally, and are improved wherever necessary. This has been our approach over several years and our students appreciate it that they are closely involved in these processes.’

Liberal Arts and Sciences and Economics are top programs
With total scores of 86 and 78, respectively, the Economics and Liberal Arts & Sciences Bachelors were awarded the ‘top program’ quality label, just like last year.

In total, nine of the nineteen Tilburg University Bachelors that were assessed scored a number 1 position in the rankings in their field. They are the Bachelor’s programs of Online Culture, Communication & Information Sciences, Human Resource Studies, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Economics, International Business Administration, Tax Economics, Global Law, and Administrative Law & Public Administration. The Economics & Business Economics Bachelor has also scored well, with a second position (of 11 programs), after the Tilburg University Economics Bachelor.

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