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All you need to know about… the Arabic Language *

No language is more beautiful than Arabic! Ever since he started studying Arabic, Jan Jaap de Ruiter has been fascinated by virtually all of its characteristics: its sounds; its words; its grammar; and in particular its letters and writing. In this lecture, he hopes to convey his enthusiasm to you and to draw you into the mysterious world of Arabic. De Ruiter will look with you at the language, listen to it and, why not, try to pronounce some of its most salient words. (language: English)

Datum Dinsdag 5 juni 2018
Tijd 13:00-14:00 uur
Locatie Black Box, Esplanade Building, Tilburg University
Toegang Vrij
Spreker Dr. Jan Jaap de Ruiter is arabist bij het Department 'Culture Studies' en bij het Language Center, Tilburg University
Taal English
Contact Has Klerx (Academic Forum).
Organisatie Academic Forum
*Certificaat Deze activiteit kan meetellen voor het certificaat Academic Forum

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Wanneer: 05 juni 2018 13:00

Einddatum: 05 juni 2018 14:00