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E-sports conference - The Missing Link *

The Missing Link will be the first E-sports Conference of The Netherlands. The aim of the conference is to link the worlds of academia, business and electronic sports. (language: English)

Program information
Date Wednesday April 26, 2017
Time 12:30- 17:00 hrs
Location Black Box, Esplanade Building, Tilburg University
Admission free (no registration required)
Speakers Chrissy Cook (Tilburg University), Wouter Dammers (LAWFOX), Frank Tijsterman (University of Amsterdam), Floris Buurman (GamersHub and Esports Game Arena), Dutch College League
Organisation Tilburg Students e-sport association Link in cooperation with Academic Forum
Contact Annelieke Koster
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Certificate Academic Forum

More information

See for more information about this English event on the English webpage.


Wanneer: 26 april 2017 12:30

Einddatum: 26 april 2017 17:00