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Congress: Making Sense of Senses - How the brain processes sensory input *

How can our brain make sense out of the chaotic stream of information that hits it in incredible numbers every second? Or more specifically: how does the brain makes sense out of the sensory input: the visual and auditory, colors music, taste and flavor, smell and scent? (language: English)

Program information
Date Friday, April 21, 2017
Time 9:30 - 16:30 hrs.
Location Room DZ 02, Dante Building
Day tickets 15 euro for externals, 9 euro for University Card holders and 8 euro for Complexmembers. Lunch, coffee & tea included.
Half Day Tickets 8 euro, 5,50 and 4,50 respectively. Coffee & tea included.
Registration Registration via
Speakers Artur Jaschke, Garmt Dijksterhuis, Heleen Hoogeveen, Jan Dirk Blom, Anna Bosman
Organisation Study Association Complex in cooperation with Academic Forum
Contact Luc Jeurissen
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Certificate Academic Forum

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Wanneer: 21 april 2017 09:30

Einddatum: 21 april 2017 16:30