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Who’s afraid of Art – Cosplay *

This edition of Who's Afraid of Art? is about Cosplay and psychology: everything you have always wanted to know about Cosplay and body language, to reinforce the effect of your Cosplay outfit or as a useful tool during, for instance, an application interview. One of the speakers is the famous Dutch cosplayer Pretzl Cosplay. She will tell extensively about her experiences. (language: English)

Datum Thursday, May 17, 2018
Tijd 14:45 - 16:45
Locatie Black Box, Esplanade Building,Tilburg University
Toegang Free
Sprekers Ellen Dreezens (Psychologist University College Tilburg), Pretzl Cosplay (cosplayer), Merel van Lieshout (Drama teacher).
Taal English
Contact Ingemarie Sam
Organisatie Academic Forum (Tilburg University) in cooperation with study association Animo.
*Certificaat Deze activiteit kan meetellen voor het certificaat Academic Forum

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Wanneer: 17 mei 2018 14:45

Einddatum: 17 mei 2018 16:45