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Chiara Raucea (campusdichter 2015)

Op Nationale Gedichtendag, 29 januari 2015, werd de Italiaanse Chiara Raucea, promovendus Tilburg Law School, verkozen tot nieuwe Tilburg University Campusdichter. Zij neemt daarmee het stokje over van Bob Kapteijns, die in 2014 werd verkozen tot jongste campusdichter ooit. Bob Kapteijns nam dit jaar plaats in de jury, samen met Judith Schiks (Academic Forum), Jozien Wijkhuijs (Univers), Jeroen Mulder (voorzitter T.S.V. Plato), Arthur Kok (campusdichter 2013) en Mascha Heesakkers (voorzitter Studievereniging Animo). De jury werd dit jaar voorgezeten door Simone van Rees (Academic Forum). Deze juryleden vormden samen een afspiegeling van de campus.

Tijdens de Poetry Party streden 7 kandidaten, zowel Nederlandse als internationale studenten en medewerkers van Tilburg University, om de prestigieuze titel. De jury koos Chiara op basis van een goede, spontane performance, originele dicht-onderwerpen en de onverwachte wendingen in haar gedichten. Nog diezelfde avond mocht de kersverse campusdichter optreden tijdens een poëzie evenement van Beyond Borders in de Polygonale Loods.


"I was born almost 30 years ago in Sicily, in a small town on the coast, which is almost the most southern corner of Europe. In 2012, I shifted 2.448 km northward and I moved to Tilburg (NL).

When I was a child I loved telling lies! But that was not because of my bad intentions … What I loved about lies was the process of creating and telling stories! Even before learning how to read&write, I have always been looking for stories: they are the cheapest and the most powerful training to deal with the unexpected events in daily life. This form of stories-addiction turned me, firstly, into a hungry reader and, gradually, into a writer. Poetry became almost naturally my comfort zone: poetry allows me to play with words and images. By poetry I can create 'light' stories without the heavy 'narrative bones' which prose requires.

My plans for the future? Keep writing!"


Een overzicht van de gedichten die door Chiara zijn voorgedragen als campusdichter 2015.

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The purgatory is a considered a masterpiece of a poetic thought experiment: an allegorical climbing which exposes Dante to seven levels of suffering and spiritual growth. And this allegorical quest will be the inspiration of the performances and short workshops, which will quickly alternating in this program.

Participants will be exposed to several ‘sins of bad poetry’ and they will have to actively struggle for their ‘poetic’ growth.

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