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Who’s afraid of Art – Cosplay *

This edition of Who's Afraid of Art? is about Cosplay and psychology: everything you have always wanted to know about Cosplay and body language, to reinforce the effect of your Cosplay outfit or as a useful tool during, for instance, an application interview. One of the speakers is the famous Dutch cosplayer Pretzl Cosplay. She will tell extensively about her experiences. (language: English)

Program information
Date Thursday, May 17, 2018
Time 14:45 - 16:45
Location Black Box, Esplanade Building,Tilburg University
Admission Free
Speakers Ellen Dreezens (Psychologist University College Tilburg), Pretzl Cosplay (cosplayer), Merel van Lieshout (Drama teacher).
Contact Ingemarie Sam
Organization Academic Forum (Tilburg University) in cooperation with study association Animo.
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate

Ellen Dreezens: Why do people want to take on roles?

What is it that makes people want to dress up and engage in role-playing games? Since time immemorial, people have worn masks and costumes in order to assume a different role, both in and outside the theater, sometimes even without you noticing. Based on theory and example, social psychologist Ellen Dreezens, teacher at University College Tilburg, explains what drives people to play roles.

Pretzl Cosplay: The world of Cosplay

Pretzl Cosplay will show us the way in the world of Cosplay. What is it exactly and what forms of Cosplay are there? Pretzl will also share with us what Cosplay means to her personally and how making designs and sewing costumes has become a big part of her life. Have you ever wanted to make a fantasy costume yourself? Then you will not want to miss the part of her talk about the most popular materials and tools.

Merel van Lieshout: The influence of body posture

Finally, in the workshop by drama teacher and theater director Merel van Lieshout, we will learn more about our body posture and its influence on your own feelings and those of others. You will experience what effect body language has on others, but also on how you feel yourself, an awareness that can come in useful, for instance, during an interview. We will also actively experience what postures have a positive effect. Have you always wanted to come across as smart and strong? Then come to this edition of Who’s afraid of Art?!

'Who’s afraid of Art?' is an Academic Forum initiative in cooperation with study association Animo.

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