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  1. Lost in translation - An interactive workshop mapping interdisciplina…

    Wan, E., de Groot, A., Jameson, S., Paun, M., Lücking, P., Klumbyte, G., & Lämmerhirt, D. (2020). Lost in translation: An interactive workshop mapping interdisciplinary translations for epistemic justice. In FAT* '20: Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (pp. 692). Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
  2. Response on the draft ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI produced …

    Noorman, M. (Author), Keymolen, E. (Author), Schellekens, M. (Author), de Groot, A. (Author), de Conca, S. (Author), Leenes, R. (Author), Zhao, B. (Author), Dalla Corte, L. (Author), Bayamlioğlu, E. (Author), Taylor, L. (Author), Pierce, R. (Author), & Coenmans, R. (Author). (2019). Response on the draft ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI produced by the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence. Web publication/site
  3. The handbook of privacy studies - An interdisciplinary introduction

    de Groot, A., & van der Sloot, B. (Eds.) (2018). The handbook of privacy studies: An interdisciplinary introduction. Amsterdam University Press.
  4. Nothing comes between my robot and me - Privacy and human-robot inter…

    Fosch Villaronga, E., Felzmann, H., Pierce, R., de Conca, S., de Groot, A., Robins, S., & Ponce Del Castillo, A. (2018). Nothing comes between my robot and me: Privacy and human-robot interaction in robotised healthcare. In R. Leenes, R. van Brakel, S. Gutwirth, & P. de Hert (Eds.), Data protection and privacy: The internet of bodies (1 ed., pp. 135-170). (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection ). Hart Publishing.
  5. Introduction

    van der Sloot, B., & de Groot, A. (2018). Introduction. In B. van der Sloot, & A. de Groot (Eds.), Handbook of privacy studies (pp. 7-20). Amsterdam University Press.

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