The twofold aim of my present research is to articulate philosophical-anthropological considerations to guide the digitalization of health and wellbeing process and to evaluate particular digital technologies. The guiding research question is how to ensure that digitalization becomes a humanizing force and fosters the fulfilment of the vital human needs of all. Accordingly, the articulation of these human needs is an important part of my research. The question regarding human needs is as tortuous as the question regarding who the human is. In fact, these two questions are intimately related. The obvious difficulty with human needs is that they are not only physical and hence not fully measurable. They are also spiritual, intellectual, imaginative and emotional. Hence, though my approach is primarily philosophical, it also involves drawing on other disciplines such as theology, economics, sociology and psychology.


Top publicaties

  1. Reviving the Love for Economic Justice - Foul Was Never Fair

    Ossewaarde-Lowtoo, R. (2021). Reviving the Love for Economic Justice: Foul Was Never Fair. Lexington Books.
  2. The EU’s Green Deal - A Third Alternative to Green Growth and Degrowt…

    Ossewaarde, R., & Ossewaarde-Lowtoo, R. (2020). The EU’s Green Deal: A Third Alternative to Green Growth and Degrowth? Sustainability, 12(23), 1-15. [9825].
  3. Wisdom Begins with Awe

    Ossewaarde-Lowtoo, R. (2020). Wisdom Begins with Awe. Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte, 112(4), 291-305.
  4. From Axial Spirituality to Laissez-faireism: A Genealogy of the Disem…

    Ossewaarde-Lowtoo, R. (2019). From Axial Spirituality to Laissez-faireism: A Genealogy of the Disembedding of the Economy in Charles Taylor. Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Religions- und Kulturgeschichte, 113, 151-168.
  5. De coronacrisis en goed burgerschap - een culturele diagnose

    Ossewaarde, R., & Ossewaarde-Lowtoo, R. (2020). De coronacrisis en goed burgerschap: een culturele diagnose. Groen, 56-60.

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