Feie Herkes is a PhD student working for the Bindend Besturen in Brabant project: a joint program involving Tilburg University, the province of North Brabant and consultancy firm Pontifax. 

His research focusses on the effect of judicial systems on policy processes, specifically within the field of spatial policy making.


Having received his Bachelor's degree in Political Science (at the University of Amsterdam), and his Master's degree in the Research in Public Administration and Organizational Science program (at the Utrecht University School of Governance), Feie identifies as a multi & mixed methods Public Administration scholar. 


The article largely based on his Master's thesis -  Can transparency of regulatory decisions increase citizen trust? Evidence from a representative survey experiment  -  is currently under review. 


Recente publicaties

  1. Political, participative, and judicial legitimacy - Results from a su…

    Zouridis, S., & Herkes, F. J. (2021). Political, participative, and judicial legitimacy: Results from a survey experiment. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  2. Can decision transparency increase citizen trust in regulatory agenci…

    Grimmelikhuijsen, S., Herkes, F. J., Leistikow, I., Verkroost, J., de Vries, F., & Zeilstra, W. G. (2019). Can decision transparency increase citizen trust in regulatory agencies? Evidence from a representative survey experiment. Regulation & Governance, 1-15.

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