I have published widely in international and Dutch outlets on a diversity of criminal justice topics, including hate speech, terrorism, ‘memory laws’ and EU criminal justice. My work deals with national (Dutch), comparative and European/international law, particularly the relationship between criminal law and fundamental rights. I combine solid legal analysis with a focus on the socio-political context behind the law and the ideas underpinning it.

One of the topics I am currently working on is the role of online (social media) platforms in the regulation of extreme speech. I am also working on truth, memory and transitional justice.

I find it important to use my knowledge to contribute to a more just society, e.g. as member of the Meijers Committee of Experts on International Immigration, Refugee and Criminal law.

From January-March 2016 I was a visiting academic at the University of Oxford's Centre for Criminology and in Fall 2009 at Queen Mary, University of London.


I obtained a Ph.D. degree from Utrecht University in 2011 with my dissertation 'Hate speech revisited. A comparative and historical perspective on hate speech law in the Netherlands and England & Wales' (Intersentia). Since then I have published widely on the criminalisation of speech (hate speech, denial of gross human rights violations, terrorist speech, blasphemy, defamation, etcetera).

Moreover, I have conducted research on a wide range of topics in criminal justice and beyond, including terrorism; transitional justice, truth and memory laws; the right to privacy and criminal procedure (e.g. forensic DNA legislation); and religion & criminal law.

I am a member of the editorial board of the journal Crimmigratie & Recht (‘Crimmigration & Law’).

I have been president of the Dutch section of the International Commission of Jurists (NJCM) from 2013-2017 and currently I am in the Advisory Board of NJCM's Public Interest Litigation Project.


I teach (and have designed) a range of courses (bachelor and master level) for the Law School, including Advanced Criminal Law (Verdiepend Strafrecht), European criminal law and a course 'Transatlantic perspectives: wrongful convictions' for University College Tilburg. I also supervise LLM theses and BA (Liberal Arts) theses.



I regularly present about speech regulation at seminars for the broader public, as well as in het media (e.g. on Al Jazeera  [Newshour 9 December 2016]; several times on the Dutch national television programme Nieuwsuur (17 March 2016; 30 October 2016; 15 December 2016; 10 September 2019]; on the Dutch national television programme Editie NL [7 June 2018]; and on Dutch national radio (e.g. BNR and Radio 1). I have written and contributed to several op-eds and interviews for Dutch national and regional newspapers.

I have been invited as an expert to the Dutch Parliament (Second Chamber) on the legislative proposal to amend the law on defamation of heads of state and public institutions (4 April 2018). I have spoken on behalf of the Meijers Committee in the European Parliament (session on EU measures against terrorism: between security, privacy and equal treatment, 17 November 2015), and on behalf of the NJCM in the Dutch Parliament (Second Chamber) about modernisation of the Dutch Code of Criminal Procedure (10 February 2016).

Recente publicaties

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  3. Smaad, laster en publiekelijke beschuldigingen van seksueel wangedrag…

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  5. Lepelen met een vork - Evaluatie van de Wet DNA-onderzoek bij veroord…

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