Recente publicaties

  1. Stateless persons

    Vlieks, C., & van Waas, L. (2022). Stateless persons. In C. Binder, M. Nowak, J. A. Hofbauer, & P. Janig (Eds.), Elgar encyclopedia of human rights Edward Elgar Publishing.
  2. Stolen citizenship

    van Waas, L. (2021). Stolen citizenship. In E. Fargues, & I. Honohan (Eds.), Revocation of citizenship: The new policies of conditional membership (pp. 36-40). (EUI Working Paper RSC; Vol. 2021, No. 23). European University Institute.
  3. The intersection of international refugee law and international state…

    van Waas, L. (2021). The intersection of international refugee law and international statelessness law. In C. Costello, M. Foster, & J. McAdam (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of international refugee law (pp. 152-168). (Oxford Handbooks). Oxford University Press.
  4. The statelessness pandemic

    van Waas, L. (Author), & Brinham, N. (Author). (2021). The statelessness pandemic. Web publication/site, Project Syndicate.
  5. Citizenship stripping, expulsion and statelessness - Counter terroris…

    van Waas, L. (Author). (2020). Citizenship stripping, expulsion and statelessness: Counter terrorism measures have gone too far. Web publication/site, .

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