Dr Nathan Bachrach

Dr Nathan Bachrach

Associate professor

TSB: Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
TSB: Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology


Dr. Nathan Bachrach is a clinical psychologist  at GGZ Oot Brabant and head of department of personality disorders and head of research  personality and trauma related disorders. Nathan is supervisor cognitive behavioral therapy and schema therapy. He treats clients with complex trauma and personality disorders. He is also deputy head  of  education of mental health care psychology  at RINO Zuid. Nathan performed his PhD research on the role of gender, attachment and autonomy in personality pathology at Tilburg University, where he currently is employed as an associate professor.



personality disorders

trauma related disorders

applied research

single case


personality disorders




Recente publicaties

  1. Predictors and moderators of treatment outcomes in phase-based treatm…

    van Vliet, N. I., Huntjens, R. J. C., van Dijk, M. K., Huisman, M., Bachrach, N., Meewisse, M., van Haren, S., & de Jongh, A. (2024). Predictors and moderators of treatment outcomes in phase-based treatment and trauma-focused treatments in patients with childhood abuse-related post-traumatic stress disorder. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 15(1), Article 2300589. Advance online publication.
  2. Schema therapy for dissociative identity disorder - A case report

    Bachrach, N., Rijkeboer, M. M., Arntz, A., & Huntjens, R. J. C. (2023). Schema therapy for dissociative identity disorder: A case report. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 14, Article 1151872.
  3. Understanding stress regulation in relation to personality traits - T…

    Duijndam, S., Nas, J., Willems, A. Z., & Bachrach, N. (2023). Understanding stress regulation in relation to personality traits: The role of detachment and negative affect. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  4. Dissociatieve stoornissen

    Huntjens, R. J. C., & Bachrach, N. (2023). Dissociatieve stoornissen. In Klinische psychologie : Theorieën en psychopathologie (1 ed., Vol. 4, pp. 399-426). Wolters-Noordhoff.
  5. Traumagerelateerde klachten - Een aantal populaire behandelingen onde…

    Huntjens, R. J. C., Wessel, I., Bachrach, N., Eidhof, M., Hoeboer, C., Matthijsen, S., Mooren, T., & Schoorl, M. (2023). Traumagerelateerde klachten: Een aantal populaire behandelingen onder de loep genomen. Gedragstherapie, 56(1). https://www.tijdschriftgedragstherapie.nl/inhoud/tijdschrift_artikel/TG-2023-1-3/Traumagerelateerde-klachten

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