Saskia Lavrijssen is full professor of Economic Regulation and Market Governance of Network Industries at the Law School of Tilburg University since 2015.  She was professor of Energy Law at the University of Amsterdam between 2011-2015. In 2006, Saskia Lavrijssen defended her very well-received dissertation on independent competition authorities and good governance at Tilburg University (Boom Juridische Uitgevers, 2006). Saskia Lavrijssen aims to connect science with society in the area of energy and infrastructure regulation. She investigates which type of governance mechanisms and regulations help to promote a secure, affordable and sustainable functioning of crucial infrastructure sectors such as the energy, water and transport sectors.


Throughout her career, Saskia Lavrijssen has specialized in EU law, competition law, economic regulation, energy law, national constitutional and administrative law and issues of good market supervision. 


Saskia is responsible for the bachelor course Innovation and Regulation of the Data science bachelor. She is also responsible for the "Topklas Just Energy Transition". 



Saskia Lavrijssen  cooperates with and frequently advises European and national authorities, such as the European Commission, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Consumer and Markets Authority, public infrastructure companies and regional and local authorities regarding governance and regulation issues in the energy sector. Because of her special expertise in the area of competition law and economic administrative law, she was appointed as deputy judge at the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (2010-2013) in 2010. She regularly presents her work at international and national events. She was one of the speakers at a public debate organized by the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad. She was invited as an expert to the OECD and the Council of European Energy Regulators. She also spoke in the House of Parliament to reflect on the draft climate agreement.


Relevant grants/projects:

  • 2021 Main applicant of a successful grant for science communication activities on the energy transition awarded by the KNAW pilot fund ‘Science Communication’.
  • 2021 Co-applicant of a successful long-term research subsidy from the NWO ‘Perspective call’ to do research in the Megamind project (Measuring, Gathering, Mining Data).
  • 2019 Co-applicant of a successful long-term research subsidy from the NWO ‘Cross Over Programme’ to do multi-disciplinary research in the NEON project (New Energy and mobility Outlook for the Netherlands).
  • 2017  Main applicant of a long-term research subsidy from NWO in the context of the ‘Responsive Innovations Programme’ for research into the promotion of data driven innovations in the infrastructure sectors (2 PhDs). The research project is called the Longvia project and is performed in cooperation with Alliander, Prorail, Rijkswaterstaat, Vitens and Port of Rotterdam
  • 2017-2019 Project member of the Compose research team. The objective of the research project is to develop a neutral (internet) platform to promote and facilitate horizontal cooperation between shippers. The project is funded by Top sector Logistics in collaboration with Evofenedex (supervision of 7 master students).
  • 2015-2020 Award of research grant by the Dutch Association for the Energy, Water and the Environment.
  • 2010 Award of prize for the best article on competition law by the Dutch Association of Competition Law.


Recente publicaties

  1. Concluding LONGA VIA: Legal and organisational aspects that influence…

    Aben, T., Espinosa Apráez, B., Lavrijssen, S., Akkermans, H., Groenleer, M., & van der Valk, W. (2021). Concluding LONGA VIA: Legal and organisational aspects that influence data-driven innovations in infrastructure management. Abstract from ISNGI conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  2. De juridische randvoorwaarden voor de creatie van een E-OV-Hub

    Lavrijssen, S., & Stolle, L. (2021). De juridische randvoorwaarden voor de creatie van een E-OV-Hub.
  3. Good governance and the regulation of the district heating market

    Lavrijssen, S., & Vitez, B. (2021). Good governance and the regulation of the district heating market. In M. Weijnen, Z. Luzsko, & S. Farahani (Eds.), Shaping an inclusive energy transition (pp. 185-227). Springer.
  4. Make hydrogen whilst the sun shines - How to turn the current momentu…

    Lavrijssen, S., & Vitez, B. (2021). Make hydrogen whilst the sun shines: How to turn the current momentum into a well-functioning hydrogen market? Carbon and Climate Law Review, 14(4), 266-280.
  5. Naar een Europees onafhankelijkheidsbeginsel - De verdere constitutio…

    Lavrijssen, S. (Accepted/In press). Naar een Europees onafhankelijkheidsbeginsel: De verdere constitutionalisering van de onafhankelijkheid van de energietoezichthouder. In Toezicht op de energiesector (pp. 1-19)

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