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Education Bazaar

Connecting and a Taste of the Future - Education Bazaar 2019

At the Education Bazaar on January 24, about 350 students and teachers discussed these topics and more, during workshops sessions and a ‘Taste of the Future’. The Education Bazaar is Tilburg University’s annual informal educational event connecting students and teachers. This year we discovered innovations together, identified best practices, and shared knowledge and experiences. It took place in our brand new educational building CUBE.

As a Tilburg University student, preparing for the future is what you do every day. It’s the whole point of taking the classes, writing papers and pulling all-nighters in the library. But will it be enough to really prepare you for what’s to come in the (near) future?

As a Tilburg University teacher, you guide, inspire, motivate and spend long hours marking and grading. If there were an opportunity  to make all of this easier, would you grab it? And how can you put technology to better and smarter use?

Can we stay on top of Artificial Intelligence? Or will robots take over our jobs? That is what we discussed and talked about during this event.

Prepare for the future

This year’s theme was ‘Prepare for The Future’. Topics covered included sustainability, technology, innovation, digitalization, and internationalization. The program featured a keynote speech by trend watcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk, who talked about looking ahead to the future of education and the job market. In addition to the bazaar and lunch, visitors could choose between as many as 12 sessions and workshops. To round off the event, students and teachers could join a Taste of the Future, and connect with each other.


Richard van Hooijdonk

We are not prepared for the consequences of the digital revolution

Chips in our bodies, genetic interventions that allow us to live forever, robotics and 3D printed self-propelled cars taking over so much of our work, that a lot of people might never have to work again. Futurologist Richard van Hooijdonk sketched an image of our life on earth as it could look within the next 20 years.

Hacked hand implant

He himself has had a microchip injected into his hand and wants a brain implant as soon as scientifically possible, even though his hand implant has already been hacked. With the latter he shows that society is totally unprepared for the enormous technological revolution in our lives which is taking place before our very eyes. Major issues in the field of ethics and security of big data are far from being answered.
According to him, one reason for this, is that the management of large companies mainly consists of members of an older generation who don’t have enough knowledge of technological developments, nor oversee their consequences. He stated that a different mindset is necessary worldwide.

For universities, this means, among other things, that they must cooperate more with the business community and that a new style of education must be developed. One which is able to respond to quick developments. Finally, he called on students to demand their place in the search for solutions for issues brought on by the technological revolution.

The Bazaar

On the day of the event, CUBE’s Plaza was transformed into a bazaar where a variety of internal and external stakeholders told their story to our students and teachers. Colleagues who represented the project of our Tilburg Educational Program, elaborated on the project and shared more information with students and teachers. Student Career Services handed students tools to kick start their career. Sustainable Campus was represented and Canon showed new possibilities on their printing and designing work.

Of course there were many more representatives showing their work on this Bazaar, including: Academic Forum, Digital Safety, Canvas, EDUiLAB, UNICEF, Quality of Education, Connected Leading, Student Development, Teacher Development and IT Support.

We are proud that our bazaar was a great success! The atmosphere during this part of the program was great and the reactions of the stakeholders were all positive. They had a great time discussing their topics and sharing experiences with the students and teachers.

Teacher of the Year Award

On the same day of the Education Bazaar,  the Teacher of the Year award was announced.
During the opening of this event, visitors were shown a short pitch by the nominated teachers.
After the Bazaar the five nominees came together during one of the sessions to discuss various topics. The nominees were asked to respond and discuss some propositions which were given by the moderator.

This year's winner of the Tilburg University Teacher of the Year award was Michèle Nuijten, teacher at Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  The winner was selected by a panel consisting of our Rector Magnificus, Emile Aarts; the winner of last year, Loes Keijzers; and two students.

Presentations and Workshops

The Resilience Project - Tessa Leesen and Ellen Dreezens

During this interactive session on the Resilience Project, Tessa Leesen and Ellen Dreezens discussed several topics regarding resilience with the audience. They started by stating that, of the students who drop out of their Bachelor's program early, or incur study delay, many do so as a result of personal, psychological, or psychiatric problems. For this problem, our University College Tilburg is developing 'The Resilience Project'. It’s goal is to realize ambitions by integrating an academic and interdisciplinary module on failure, into the first-year curriculum of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The project offers students resilience training and a so-called 'Failing Forward Event'.

Listen to the lecture by Tessa Leesen en Ellen Dreezens.

Artificial Intelligence - Eric Postma

Eric Postma, Professor of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Tilburg University and JADS in Den Bosch, compared human and artificial intelligence in his session. After a brief explanation of the historical development of AI, Postma emphasized that human intelligence and artificial intelligence are two completely different types of intelligence. People have 'tacit knowledge' which datasets and algorithms cannot match. Computers cannot understand, they can only recognize patterns. It is important, however, that people learn to understand what artificial intelligence is, what applications it can have and to see its impact.

Considering the university, Postma pointed out that it is also important for students to understand the influence of AI in the educational system. Regardless of the field of study, basic knowledge of AI (deep learning) and what it can and cannot do, is important. Tilburg University could play a pioneering role in the integration of AI in all its education.

In addition, many applications of AI are conceivable in education. Just think, for example, of what an AI system can do, using computer cameras to read students' facial expressions while they are studying. Suddenly, much more personalised education could be offered. Or find out what learning experiences you can gain when AI is combined with Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. Or consider the consequences when essays written by students will be checked by algorithms instead of by teachers.

Award Ceremony and Taste of the Future

Award Ceremony

After the sessions and workshops, the Awards for Best Master Thesis, Research Master Thesis and the Teacher of the Year were announced. The runner-up for the Best Master Thesis was Diana van Wanrooij, in the Law & Technology program. Her thesis on Law Enforcement has been awarded with a 9.0! The winner of the Best Master Thesis is Sam Lee (Economics), who has written a thesis about a very relevant research question, namely what impact do privacy breaches have on the market value of firms, subject to the breach. This thesis was also awarded with a 9.0. The Research Master Thesis was awarded to Marie Barking in the Research Master program in Language and Communication. Her thesis Forward and reverse transfer from Dutch to German – Comparing transfer by second language learners and language attriters’ has been awarded with an exceptional grade of 9.5!

The Teacher of the Year election was determined after a debate and extensive deliberation by the jury. The announcement of the winner, Michèle Nuijten, was performed by the Rector Magnificus.

Taste of the Future

The event was concluded by a 'Taste of the Future'. Visitors could get acquainted with the snacks and drinks of the future, such as an oxygen bar, mealworms croquettes and oyster mushrooms, cappuccino with a printed photo on it, and futuristic cocktails.



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