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Application and admission Economics - national procedure

This is the national application and admission procedure for the Master of Science in Economics.

Students with a (future) BSc degree from a Non-Dutch university, please note

Are you a student with a (future) bachelor’s degree from an international university?
(Suriname or the Netherlands Antilles included)

YES: GO to the international procedure

Students with a (future) BSc degree from a Dutch university, please continue below

a) Check your eligibility

Students of Tilburg University

The following TiSEM Bachelor's make you eligible to the Master's program in Economics:

  • Economics
  • Economie en Bedrijfseconomie, track Economics and Society 
  • Econometrie en Operationele Research, including the (extra) courses:
    - Macroeconomics 3 for EBE: Dynamic Models and Policy 
    - Microeconomics 4 for EBE: Information Economics

The following TiSEM Bachelor's might grant you access after individual assessment:

  • Bedrijfseconomie
  • Economie en Bedrijfseconomie, track Financial Management, track Commercial Management, track Digital Business
  • International Business Administration

You can schedule an appointment for an individual assessment with the education coordinator of the Master’s program in Economics.

Check the Overview Admission for TiSEM Bachelors for the specific entry requirements to each Master's program.

Students of other Dutch universities

To be eligible for the Master’s program in Economics, you must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics or in a similar program (e.g., in Econometrics) from a university that is recognized by the program management
  • A solid academic background in economics, especially:
    • Macroeconomics (minimum 12 ECTS)
    • Microeconomics (minimum 12 ECTS)
    • Game Theory (minimum 6 ECTS)
    • Mathematics (minimum 12 ECTS)
    • Econometrics / Statistics (minimum 12 ECTS)
  • And at least 2 applied Economics courses (in total minimum 12 ECTS), for instance (but not exclusively!):
    • Environmental Economics (minimum 6 ECTS)
    • Public Economics (minimum 6 ECTS),
    • Development Economics (minimum 6 ECTS)
    • Industrial Organization (minimum 6 ECTS)

Our Admissions Committee may give you the opportunity to rectify deficiencies (max. 30 ECTS) during a pre-Master's program.

The requirements mentioned above are indicative. 

The final assessment lies with the Admissions Committee, for which they need the transcript(s) of your Bachelor’s program and relevant course descriptions of courses in the fields mentioned above. See under c), Step 2: Continue your application in our online application system below on this page.

Students of a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO)

Unfortunately this program cannot be entered with a Bachelor’s degree obtained at a University of Applied Sciences (HBO).

b) Consider the deadlines

When applying for this program, please make sure that your application package, including all necessary documents, reaches us before the deadline that applies to you.

Students of Tilburg University

Starting end of August with the Master's program

Deadline for application: before August 1

Starting end of January with the Master's program

Deadline for application: before January 1

Students of other Dutch universities

Starting end of August with the Master's program

Deadline for application: before August 1

Starting end of January with the Master's program

Deadline for application: before January 1

c) Follow the procedure for national applicants

Step 1: Register in Studielink

You will not receive information about your application and admission until you have registered in Studielink. Therefore we advise you to register in Studielink as soon as possible. Studielink opens on October 1st.

For applicants with a degree of Tilburg University or another Dutch university:

  • The name of this Master's program in Studielink:
    M Economics (croho: 66401)

Register in Studielink

Enter an e-mail address in Studielink that you use regularly. Tilburg University sends you important information at this address to complete your registration. Please read the documentation in the e-mail carefully and check your mailbox (and junk mail) regularly.

Step 2: Continue your application in our online application system

This step is not applicable for:

  • TiSEM students who are currently enrolled in a TiSEM Bachelor's program.

In these cases you only need to register in Studielink (Step 1). Please continue to 'Step 3: Admissions Committee's decision'.

Upload your documents in our online application system

After you have registered in Studielink, please go to our Master Application System and upload the following documents:

  1. Grades list (Transcript of Records)
    This is an official list from your University of the courses you have taken in your Bachelor's degree, with the grades you have achieved.
  2. Courses list (full descriptions of relevant courses)
    This is a description of the content of each course you took as part of your previous degree which is relevant to your application for this program. Please use this MSc Economics Course list template.

Upload your documents

Note for Safari users: uploading your files in our online application system does not work in the Safari browser. Please use another browser like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

Step 3: Admissions Committee's decision

Admissions Committee's decision

Within four to six weeks after your application package is complete, you will receive the decision of the Admissions Committee by e-mail. 

You will receive an e-mail with a letter stating the outcome of your admission request and information about the rest of the admission procedure.

There are three possibilities:

  • A. (Conditionally) accepted to the Master's program
    If you are conditionally accepted, this means that you are admitted to our Master's program, provided that you upload the originals or certified copies of your documents.
  • B. (Conditionally) accepted to a pre-Master's program
    It is possible that you do not completely fulfill the requirements. If this is the case, we may offer you a pre-Master's program to prepare you for the Master's program, provided that you upload the originals or certified copies of your documents.
  • C.  Rejected
    If you do not fulfill the admission requirements, your application will be rejected. We will notify you by e-mail.
Step 4: Admitted, what's next?


Whether conditionally or unconditionally admitted, we welcome you warmly to Tilburg University and wish you good luck with the start of your studies.

Let's walk you through the next steps:

  • Complete your enrollment and pay your tuition fees
    Please check your enrollment status and any to-do items that may still be pending in OSIRIS Student. You can use your login details for Tilburg University’s computer network to access OSIRIS Student.
  • Arrange practical matters
    Before you can start your studies, there are a number of practical matters to take care of, such as registering for courses, and if necessary, arranging housing.
  • Participate in orientation activities
    • As an incoming student you can participate in TOP Week: a social, practical and creative introduction week for all new students who are enrolled in one of the higher education institutions in Tilburg. TOP Week takes place the week before the start of the academic year.
    • Besides TOP Week, there is also an official program introduction organized by your study program. During the Program Introduction, you will receive all the information you need to get off to a good start with your new study. You will meet the education coordinator, the program director and your fellow students. Participation is mandatory.

Read more on how to become a Tilburg University student

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact us for your personal queries. You can contact us on every page of the Master's website.