Public Policy track

Master's specialization in Public Policy

'Public Policy' is one of the specialized tracks of the Master's program in Economics. The track focuses on how governments can achieve their domestic policy objectives, design effective policies, and finance their activities.

Important domestic public policy objectives range from reduced income inequality and job security, to an affordable health care and pension system. Effective public policy requires the balancing of public services provision and individual incentives to makes use of these services. In this track you study how public policies and tax schemes can be designed to create the right incentives and nudges and make societal goals within reach.

Key courses:

Main electives:

    In the Study Guide you find the exact overview of the courses and program structure.

    Career perspectives

    This track is advised to you if you wish to pursue a career as policy advisor in national governments (Ministry of Social Affairs, or other Ministries) or in international organizations such as the EU, as a researcher in applied research institutes (e.g., Netherlands Bureau of Economic Research (CPB)), or as a consultant with nationally or internationally oriented consultancy firms.

    Examples of functions of recent graduates of this track:

    • Data-Analyst at the Municipality of Amsterdam
    • Statistical Researcher labor and mobility at Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek
    • Policy advisor Decentralisations    at the Municipality of Culemborg
    • Policy Advisor at the Ministry of Finance
    • Doctoral Student at the University of Oxford
    • Junior Pensions Specialist at Syntrus Achmea
    • Economic Adviser at VÖB Bundesverband Öffentlicher Banken Deutschlands
    • Policy Advisor at Ministry of Economic Affairs
    • Consumer Finance Associate at De Lage Landen
    • Policy Advisor at Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
    • Statistical Analyst at De Nederlandsche Bank
    • Market Mitigation and Analysis at NYISO

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