Health Humanities

Application and admission: Health Humanities - national procedure

This is the national application and admission procedure for the Health Humanities track of the Master’s program in Culture Studies.

DISCLAIMER: Program Discontinuation Notice per 2025

As of September 2024, the Health Humanities Master's track will no longer be offered. Importantly, this decision will not affect students who are currently enrolled in the Health Humanities program. Note that pre-Master's students who have enrolled in the Health Humanities program in the academic year 2023-2024, including those for the February intake, will still have the opportunity to pursue the Health Humanities program.

a) Check your eligibility

Students of Tilburg University

With the following Tilburg University Bachelor's degrees, you can be directly admitted.

  • Bachelor’s program of Online Culture: Art, Media and Society (Culture Studies)
  • Bachelor’s program of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Bachelor’s program Philosophy

Are you taking a different Bachelor at Tilburg University? Or are you not or no longer enrolled as a Tilburg University student?

In that case, the Admissions Committee will determine whether your Bachelor's degree is (still) a sufficient fit to be admitted to the Master's program.

Students of other Dutch research universities

Are you studying at or do you have a Bachelor's degree from a research university other than Tilburg University?

In that case, the program’s Admissions Committee will determine whether your Bachelor's degree is a sufficient fit to be admitted to the Master's program.

We invite students with a research university Bachelor's degree in one of the following - or related - fields to apply:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Medicine
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Literary Studies
  • Religious Studies

Please note:

  • The above-mentioned fields of study give you an indication of your chances of admission, not a guarantee. The program’s Admissions Committee assesses each application individually.

Do you have a degree in a different field than those mentioned above?

And do you feel that yours is relevant? If you are in doubt about the suitability of your university degree, we invite you to register in Studielink. The program’s Admissions Committee will assess each application individually and determine whether you can be admitted to the Master.

b) Remember the deadline

Your application must be submitted before:

  • Starting end of August: July 1

Are you still finishing your previous program?

Do register in Studielink now. You can send us your diploma later.

c) Follow the procedure for national applicants

Step 1: Register in Studielink

Enter an e-mail address in Studielink that you use regularly. Tilburg University will use this e-mail address to send you important information on your application and admission.

Step 2: Admissions Committee's decision

You will receive the Admissions Committee's decision within six weeks after application at the e-mail address you have provided in Studielink. The e-mail will also contain a description of the further steps you need to take for your admission.

Students from a research university

The Admissions Committee will make one of the following decisions.

  1. You are unconditionally admitted to the Master (you meet all the conditions).
  2. You are conditionally admitted to the Master (you do not, or not yet, meet all the conditions, for example, because you have not yet obtained your Bachelor's degree).
  3. The Committee needs additional information to assess your admissibility.
  4. Unfortunately you cannot be admitted.
Step 3: Admitted, what's next?

Congratulations on being admitted to Tilburg University, either conditionally or unconditionally! 

You may be wondering what the next steps are. To ensure a smooth (and stress-free) start of your studies, we have prepared a timeline to give you an overview of the things you need to arrange before the start of your studies. 

On the timeline you can find information about:  

  • Completing your enrollment  
  • Paying your tuition fees 
  • Tips on finding accommodation (if applicable) 
  • Books and schedule 
  • Introduction activities like TOP week and your (mandatory) Study Program Introduction

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Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact us for your personal queries. You can contact us on every page of the Master's website.