Social Psychology

The Master's program in Social Psychology focuses on both individual and group behavior in formal and informal social contexts. It studies how people behave in their social surroundings and what influences this behavior. Particularly problems related to consumer behavior, work and organizational behavior and decision making in social, economic and organizational contexts are important themes in this Master's program.

About the Master's program in Social Psychology

Two separate programs have been formed, each with its own focus and study program:

Economic Psychology

Track work economic psychology

The economic psychology program caters to students who want to specialize in economic and consumer behavior.

  • Specialist University in Economic Psychology since 1972.
  • Focus on financial behavior, consumer psychology, and psychology and marketing.

Work and Organizational Psychology

Track work and organizational psychology

The work and organizational program caters to students who want to specialize in work behavior.

  • Broad and versatile program.
  • Focus on work, organizational, and personnel psychology.

Why Social Psychology in Tilburg?

  • Exclusively small, interactive classes.
  • Classes taught by dynamic, international research team.
  • Double Degree programs in Moscow and Osnabrück.
  • International setting.

All programs prepare for an academic and a vocational career. However, compared to our two-year Research Master's program, these programs offer more chances to apply knowledge in real-life settings, whereas the Research Master’s program is a great preparation for an academic career.

Ilja van beest

Prof. dr. Ilja van Beest

"Social psychology studies how everyday behavior evolves. That is, it addresses how our feelings and decisions are influenced by others around us and the environment in which we live. It is an empirical science that informs us of how and why consumers, managers, employees, law enforcers, or in general, people, behave the way they do."

The Master's program in Social Psychology in short

StartThe end of August
Duration1 year (2 year in case of a dual degree program)
TitleMaster of Science (MSc)
Best preparatory Bachelor'sBachelor in Psychology comparable to Tilburg University’s
‘BSc Psychology – track Psychology and Society’
Check the admission requirements and application procedure
Career prospectsOur graduates work in a wide range of professions,
such as human resource management, consultancy,
training/coaching, policy-making, marketing,
financial services, communication, and advertising.
More about the career prospects

Considering an academic career?

Have a look at our two-year Research Master's program in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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