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2020 - Zoom Symposium: Augustine as Bible Interpreter.  November 6 2020, online,  4.30-5 PM (GMT+1). Presenting: dr. Karla Pollmann (University of Bristol) "Nos tempora sumus. Time and ethics in Augustine" and dr. Enrique Eguiarte ( Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Rome) "The Biblical Exegesis of Augustine on the Letter to the Galatians"

2020 - Zoomseminars What did deacons do? May 11-15 2020, online, 9-10 AM (GMT+1).  Presenting:  Dr. Pauliina Pylvänäinen (Joensuu, Finland), The Tasks of Male Deacons in The Apostolic Constitutions 3, 1; Prof. Dr. Bart Koet (Tilburg University, The Netherlands), Jerome on Deacons;  Harri Huovinen MA (Joensuu, Finland),  At the Service of the Sacramental Life. The Tasks of Deacons in Cyril of Jerusalem;  Dr. Edwina Murphy (Morling College, Australia), The Duties of Deacons in Cyprian of Carthage;  Dr. Arnold Smeets (Tilburg University, The Netherlands), Becoming Peter: Gregory the Great as Deacon of Rome.

2017 – Early Christian Mystagogy and the Body. Third International CPO Congress. Utrecht, 30-08-2017 / 01-09-2017. Zie de link voor de congreswebsite.

2015 – The Early Christian Mystagogy of Prayer. Second International CPO Congress. Utrecht, 26-09-2014 / 29-08-2014

2011 – The Mystagogy of the Church Fathers. First International CPO Congress. Utrecht, 18-05-2011 / 20-05-2011.