Het verzorgen van postinitieel onderwijs en theologische vorming voor pastores en andere beroepskrachten die in hun werk in aanraking komen met vragen over geloof, zingeving en ethiek.

Caring for Your Soul. A Reflection by Timothy Radcliffe

Caring for Your Soul. A Reflection
Meet Timothy Radcliffe o.p.

May 25th, the renowned Dominican Timothy Radcliffe will be the guest of Luce. He will speak about the challenges for a religious, or a religious inspired, life in the world of today.

Often, the modern world is a stranger to spiritual and religious values of ways of life. Still, people are searching, for inspiration and for ways to live one’s life according to one’s spiritual ideals or beliefs.

So, how can you take care of your soul? Are traditional rules or rituals or prayers still relevant? Do people find new ways or sources of inspiration? Participants are invited to listen, learn, and to join in a frank and inspiring exchange of ideas and experiences.

Hopefully, the meeting will shed light on ways and methods, both traditional and personal, to connect in an authentic way to the modern world – and, in that sense, on how to be salt again.

A more detailed program will be announced soon.

Practical information

Date: 25-05-2019, 13.30-16.30

Location: Auditorium Museum Catharijneconvent

Costs: € 20 (Students € 10).

Please use this link to enroll.

Wanneer: 25 mei 2019 13:30

Einddatum: 25 mei 2019 16:30