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European Union Health Information System - Extern promotieonderzoek

Gepubliceerd: 01 maart 2019 Laatst bijgewerkt: 03 maart 2020

P. Bogaert MSc., Prof. dr. ing. J.A.M. van Oers, Prof. dr. H. Van Oyen, Dr. M. Verschuuren

This project will further investigate the current EU Health Information System and the elements that are needed to strengthen it. More specifically, it will look at how to ensure sustainability in the current health information activities at EU level through the set-up of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium. The different elements of a successful sustainable structure will be analysed and investigated by looking at case studies. In a first step, existing ERICs will be investigated to look at what made them successful. What is their business plan and how do they ensure sustainability in their field? Semi-structured interviews will be carried out with a set of directors of existing ERICs to look into the key aspects of success both in terms of content and operational sustainability. The ERIC should focus its activities around generating, hosting, exchanging and translating health information. Each of these activities will be further investigated through case studies.