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The role of experts by experience in research on alcohol and drugs

Gepubliceerd: 11 februari 2020 Laatst bijgewerkt: 18 februari 2020

Prof. dr. H.F.L. Garretsen, dr. D.P.K. Roeg, Prof. dr. J. van Weeghel, Prof. dr. H. van de Mheen

Tranzo distinguishes three sources of knowledge: scientific knowledge, the expertise of the professionals (i.e., caregivers and policy officers), and the knowledge and expertise of the ‘demand side’ (i.e., citizens, clients). With regard to expertise of the ‘demand side’ so called experts by experience (in Dutch: ervaringsdeskundigen) can have a crucial role. These experts have “lived experience” on health problems or for instance substance abuse challenges and they may be trained in various skills such as client support, team support and creating space for social participation. Tranzo is also very interested in the involvement of experts by experience in research. The academic workplace Addiction of Tranzo is interested in the pros and cons of using experts by experiences in alcohol and drug research.  The topic is very important for (the quality of) social science and/or care research in this area.