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Interactie tussen wetenschap,

praktijk en zorgvraag

5th Fuse international conference

Datum: Tijd: 09:00 Locatie: Crowne Plaza Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

On knowledge exchange in public health

Keynote speakers announced
We are delighted to announce our first keynote speakers for the fifth Fuse international conference on knowledge exchange in public health.

  • Heather McKay - Tranzo

    Heather McKay

    Professor at the University of British Columbia

    Heather McKay has developed many research partnerships between government ministries, community and research partners to collectively address child and older adult health problems in Canada.  She will reflect on the challenges and setbacks of developing these partnerships.

  • Jet Bussemaker - Tranzo

    Jet Bussemaker

    Professor of Health Policy, Science and Societal Impact at Leiden University in the Netherlands

    Jet Bussemaker, former Deputy Minister of Health.  She is currently chair of the Council for Health and Society, the strategic advisory council to the Ministry of Health and therefore well placed to talk about setbacks in knowledge exchange at the policy and research interface.

Call for abstracts open
Deadline 28 February 2020

The daring topic for the conference is "Learning from setbacks and successes". While the evidence base on successful practices in knowledge exchange is growing rapidly, much less attention has been given to documenting setbacks when academics, practitioners and policy makers collaborate (or not!) to develop, exchange or use different types of evidence. We believe that learning from these setbacks is just as important, if not more crucial, than celebrating successes.

The conference aims to create a safe space in which academics, practitioners and policy makers can reflect together on the potential threats to successful knowledge exchange, in order to develop important lessons on how knowledge exchange practices and research can be improved, turning setbacks into successes.

We are keen to make the conference as interactive and creative as possible and have introduced some interesting session formats this year. 

Read more about the session formats and submit your abstract online.

Registration will open 30 March 2020, early-bird rates until 14 May 2020. Visit the conference website for more details.

Follow all the conference updates @fuse_online using #fuseKEC20.