Philosophy of Humanity, Culture, and Ethics

Philosophy of Humanity, Culture, and Ethics

De onderzoeksgroep PHC&E (Philosophy of Humanity, Culture, and Ethics) spitst zich toe op de moderne en hedendaagse continentale filosofie, en met name op de filosofische antropologie, de cultuurfilosofie, de fenomenologie, de psychoanalyse, het feminisme en de Duitse en Franse (post)moderne filosofie.

Driven by Tilburg University’s mission ‘Understanding Society’, philosophers of PHC&E combine ‘state-of-the-art’ fundamental research with applied research. Their – often interdisciplinary – research focuses on cultural and societal issues, such as the role of art, literature, music, and media in the formation of culture and humanity; identity, race, and gender; social media and the public sphere; post-truth and critique; literature, feminism, and economics.

PHC&E is headed by Prof. dr. Martine Prange. Through the menu on the left side of this page, you can find information about the members of PHC&E. There you can also find information about their research, including their most recent projects and publications.
Some PHC&E researchers are also associate members of and/or collaborate with researchers of TiLPS (Tilburg Center for Moral Philosophy, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science).

PHC&E organizes seminars, workshops, reading groups and international conferences, in which international guest speakers and members of PHC&E present their work.
An overview of all research activities of the Department of Philosophy, including those organized by PHC&E, is given in the Calendar 

If you would like to attend any of these activities or if you want more information about PHC&E, please feel free to contact one of our members

Research and Projects PHC&E
The research conducted at PHC&E has two focus points: Philosophy of Art/ Literature and Philosophy of Media/ AI.
Our research methods cover the entire range of modern continental philosophy: historical, conceptual and textual analysis, hermeneutics, deconstructivism, phenomenology, aesthetics, post-colonial studies, Critical theory, feminism, political philosophy (populism, republicanism, and democracy), philosophy of (social) media, AI an online culture, post-truth and the Anthropocene, Humanism/ Post-Humanism/ Trans-Humanism.
TiLPS hosts a variety of grants as well as individual and collaborative research projects pertaining to our faculty.

PHC&E hosts the internally funded research project on social media and the public sphere of the Tilburg University IMPACT PROGRAM for Empowering Resilient Society, ‘Trolling Attacks and Hate Campaigns: Towards a Healthy Use of Social Media in the Public Sphere’ (2019-2023). 

Project summary
The wide use of social media and digital technologies and the concomitant rise of new media cultures effectuate challenging transformations in the public sphere, understood as the democratic space for generating public opinion through free and rational discussion. The use of ‘bots’, ‘trolling’ and ‘hate speech’ lead to new ways of undermining this free and rational discussion among citizens through manipulation, and by mobilizing narratives, symbols and sentiments of inequality, particularly of race, religion, gender and sexuality.
Drawing on philosophical theories on media and free speech articulated by Habermas, Butler, Foucault, Lovink, Castells, McKee, Dworkin, Maly, Sunstein, this project investigates the transformation of the current public sphere, and in particular the practices of hate speech and trolling on social media. It analyses the rhetorical and discursive strategies of hate campaigning and trolling, and the legal responses to practices of trolling and hate speech.

People working on this project are:

1.    Prof. dr. M. Prange TSHD – DFI, department of philosophy
Professor Philosophy of Humanity, Culture and Society
Contact details:

2.    Dr. M. Bot TLS, department of Public Law, Jurisprudence and Legal History
Contact details:

3.    Prof. Dr. O.M. Heynders TSHD – DCU, department of cultural studies
Professor of Comparative Literature
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4.    Lucie Chateau – DCU/ DFI, department of cultural studies/ department of philosophy
PhD Candidate
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