Tilburg University Society

Cobbenhagen Summit

The Cobbenhagen Summit is an initiative of Tilburg University Society with the Province of Noord-Brabant, the City of Tilburg, the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), the VNO-NCW Brabant Zeeland (BZW) and Tilburg University as partners.

The Cobbenhagen Summit is meant to be in the context of the triple helix to provide a forum for the Brabant entrepreneurship, public administration and higher education and research, where a strategy for the Brabant economy and society will be developed in the (middle) long term. Tilburg University Society, chaired by Sylvester Eijffinger, is responsible for the organization of the Cobbenhagen Summits, which will be organized at the beginning of each year, in order to discuss and evaluate the Strategy for the Brabant Region.