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Recruitment of labour migrants – drivers and consequences

At a conference on Wednesday 28 June 2016 politicians, civil servants, employers and other stakeholders of the region West-Brabant discussed the regional impact of labour migration. Moderator Jan Cremers, who coordinates the INT-AR migration project of the Tilburg Law School, started the meeting, initiated by the city of Roosendaal, with a general socio-economic outlook.

The average age of labour migrants coming to the Netherlands is substantially lower than the Dutch average and this effect is even stronger in the fast aging region West-Brabant. The migrants are mainly coming from Poland and have the intention to settle permanently. A preliminary small-scale survey reveals that migrants often work below their qualification level, based on a temporary agency contract in low skilled jobs in warehouses and logistics, production and horticulture. Main drivers for employers to recruit migrants are labour shortages, lower costs and the willingness to work hard.

A detailed report (in Dutch) can be downloaded here.