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Moderne relaties - player of partner? *

A modern love relationship could be defined as: "Two people with different personalities, backgrounds and desires trying to satisfy each other as long as possible emotionally, sexually, intellectually, domestically, and as friends. Preferably without breaks and sexual interference from others, and often in the same house." Because this seems a rather 'risky' project, science can help us with some important do's and don'ts. (language: Dutch)

Date Tuesday, November 21st, 2017
Time 19:00-21:30
Location Theater De Boemel, Spoorzone 013, Tilburg
Admission Free
Speakers Caspar Chorus (professor Choice Behavior Modelling), Sander Duivestein (trendwatcher, author, columnist), Alma Mathijsen and Manon van der Heijden
Language Dutch
Organisation TSV Plato i.s.m. Academic Forum
Contactpersoon Luc Jeurissen
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate

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Wanneer: 21 november 2017 19:00

Einddatum: 21 november 2017 21:30