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Towards a regulatory framework for climate smart agriculture in Europe

Tijdens dit symposium wordt door belanghebbenden ingegaan op mogelijke maatregelen om Europese boeren te helpen over te schakelen op klimaatslimme landbouw. De voertaal is Engels.

Between now and 2050, there will be a sharp increase in the demand of agricultural products due to an increase of the world’s population, the rise in global calorie intake due to greater affluence, and the production of bio-fuels.The increase in agricultural production will be accompanied by an increase in the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Agriculture is responsible for 30% of global greenhouse emissions. Agriculture is not only a major cause of climate change but in many regions of the world, it is also seriously impacted by climate change. In many regions, yields will be negatively affected because of shifts in water availability, temperature shifts, and changes in the occurrence of pests. Policy documents, mostly by international institutions, have endorsed climate smart agriculture as a means to achieve production growth, while at the same time reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses and adapting the agricultural sector to the changing climate. Despite numerous interesting experiments in several EU member states, it is as yet unclear through what legal mechanism the necessary deep and full transition of Europe’s agriculture sector can be achieved.

In this symposium, important stakeholders discuss which legal measures need to be taken to help Europe’s farmers to convert to climate smart agriculture. Measures that will be discussed are, for example, the inclusion of agriculture in the EU ETS (under an offsets mechanism) and a much stronger focus on the specific requirements of climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Common Agriculture Policy.


12.45 Registration

13.00 Opening and introduction: state of affairs regulating climate smart agriculture

Jonathan Verschuuren, professor of climate law, Tilburg University

13.30 Climate Smart Agriculture in the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework

Valeria Forlin, European Commission, DG Clima

14.00 Climate Smart Agriculture, Policies and Implementation from the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Monique Remmers, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

14.30 Break

14.45 View from the agriculture sector

Kees van Zelderen, LTO Nederland, Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture

15.15 Emissions from agriculture and agricultural soils (LULUCF): conditions and developments in the Netherlands and Europe

Peter Kuikman/Jan Peter Lesschen, Wageningen Environmental Research

15.45 Regulating agricultural soils at regional level: a multistakeholder approach

John Dagevos, TELOS Regional Centre for Sustainable Development, Netherlands

16.15 Discussion

17.00 Drinks


Black Box Theatre, Esplanade building, Tilburg University (Warandelaan 2, Tilburg), Netherlands


This is a free event. Prior registration is required through csalawsymposium@tilburguniversity.edu

Wanneer: 15 december 2017 13:00

Einddatum: 15 december 2017 17:00