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dr. A. Lemmens

Universitair hoofddocent 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Marketing


My core research and teaching expertise lies in the field of Customer Analytics.

SUBSTANTIVE INTERESTS (I) Customer-centric strategies using data science, including customer acquisition and retention models, customer profitability analysis, CLV analysis, Word-of-mouth and social network analysis; (II) (International) new product strategies, including new product launch & diffusion patterns, international pricing and international segmentation.

METHODOLOGICAL INTERESTS (I) Machine learning, including ensemble methods (bagging stochastic gradient boosting and method combination optimization), parametric & nonparametric binary choice models, and optimization techniques (gradient descent); (II) Time series & spectral analysis, including time-varying coefficient models, panel error-correction models, semiparametric modeling, Granger causality, forecasting.


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Laatst bewerkt: 20 februari 2018