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dr. F. Angeli

Universitair hoofddocent 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Organization Studies


Dr. Angeli examines the role (inter-)organizational strategies in the context of societal challenges, such as widespread income- and health-related inequities.

One line of research considers healthcare organisations, how they can influence patient outcomes and bridge inequalities of healthcare access and delivery, in particular by crafting innovative business models and by leveraging inter-organisational cooperative networks.

A second line of enquiry investigates the role of private organisations in alleviating poverty. This research stream focuses on recent phenomena such as social entrepreneurship, base-of-the-pyramid ventures and the creation of subsistence marketplaces, in emerging countries and across industries.


Belangrijkste publicaties

  • Angeli F. and Jaiswal AK. 2016. Business Model Innovation for Inclusive Healthcare Delivery at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Organization and Environment, Special Issue on Poverty, Business Strategy and Sustainable Development, 29: 486-507.
  • Gupta M., Angeli F., Bosma H., Rana M., Prinja S., Kumar R., Schayck O.C.P. 2016. Effectiveness of Multiple-Strategy. Community Intervention in Reducing Geographical, Socioeconomic and Gender-Based Inequalities in Maternal and Child Health Outcomes in Haryana, India. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0150537
  • Mascia D., Pallotti, F, Angeli F. 2016. Don't Stand so Close to Me: How Geographical Proximity Moderates the Impact of Competitive Interdependencies on Organizations' Propensity to Collaborate. Regional Studies, in press 
  • Westra D., Angeli F., Carree M., Ruwaard D. 2016. Understanding Specialist Sharing: A mixed-method exploration in an increasingly price-competitive hospital market. Social Science & Medicine, 162:133-42 
  • Angeli, F. 2014. With the help of a foreign ally: biopharmaceutical innovation in India after TRIPS. Health Policy and Planning 29, 280-291. 

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