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H. Liang BSc

Promovendus  & Promovendus 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Center Ph. D. Students

Onderscheidingen en Prijzen

  • Moskowitz Prize of Socially Responsible Investing (2014)
  • Sustainable Finance Geneva Prize (2014)
  • Notre Dame Excellence in Ethics Research Conference Scholarships (2013)
  • Tilburg CentER Foreign Visits Grant (2013)
  • HSP Huygens Scholarship (awarded by the Dutch government) (2011-2012)
  • Tilburg CentER Koopmans Scholarship (Highest distinction) (2011)
  • Best Bachelor Thesis, Nankai University School of Business (2009)
  • International Trade and Finance Association Best Student Paper Award (2009)
  • Dean's List, Cornell University (2008)
  • National Economics and Management Academic Paper Competition Best Paper Award (2007)
  • Goldman Sachs Global Leader Award Nominee (2006)
  • Nankai University Scholarship in every academic year



My PhD project investigates the relationship between financial development and societal sustainability at both the macro (country) level and the micro (firm) level. This project is partially conducted at Harvard University with faculty from HLS and HBS.

Promoter: Prof.dr. Luc Renneboog


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