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prof. dr. P.H.A.I. Jonkers


Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Systematic Theology and Philosophy


My teaching and research expertise comprises philosophy of religion, metaphysics, philosophy of culture, and history of modern philosophy (especially Hegel and his contemporaries). Furthermore, I am a member of several  (international) committees for quality assurance, especially in the fields of education and research in theology and the humanities.

You can find a complete version of my bio and research output on: Personal Webpage


Principal publications

  • P. Jonkers, A Revaluation of Wisdom as a Way to Reconnect Philosophy With the Life-World. In: Peter Jonkers, He Xirong, Shi Yongze (eds.) Philosophy and the Life World. Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington D.C., 2017, 41-62.
  • P. Jonkers, From rational doctrine to Christian wisdom. A possible response of the Church to today?s seekers. In: S. Hellemans and P. Jonkers (ed.), A Catholic Minority Church in a World of Seekers. Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington D.C., 2015, 163-191.
  • P. Jonkers, A Reasonable Faith. Pope Benedict?s Response to Rawls. Tom Bailey and Valentina Gentile (eds.), Rawls and Religion. New York, Columbia University Press, 2015, 221-241.
  • P. Jonkers, The Interest of Reason Is To Go Without God. Jacobi?s Polemic Against Philosophical Theology. In: Journal of Religious History, 38, 1, 2014, 20-34.
  • P. Jonkers, Das gespannte Verhältnis zwischen Religion und Politik in der Modernität. Versuch einer Aktualisierung der hegelschen Rechtsphilosophie. In: A. Arndt u.a. (Hrsg.), Hegel-Jahrbuch 2013:Hegel und die Moderne. Zweiter Teil. Berlin, Walter de Gruyer, 2013, 51-56.

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Last amended: 02 November 2017