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R.A. van Emden MSc


TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Methodology and Statistics

Find me at:

- LinkedIn

- Google Scholar

- GitHub / Gist

- Twitter

- Jheronimous Academy for Data Science

- Max Planck Institute


Principal publications

  • Bruine de Bruin, W., van Putten, M., van Emden, R., & Strough, J. (2017). Age differences in emotional responses to monetary losses and gains. Psychology and Aging.
  • Kaptein, M. C., Van Emden, R., & Iannuzzi, D. (2016). Tracking the decoy: maximizing the decoy effect through sequential experimentation. Palgrave Communications2, 16082.
  • Kaptein, M., Van Emden, R., & Iannuzzi, D. (2017). Uncovering noisy social signals: Using optimization methods from experimental physics to study social phenomena. PloS one12(3), e0174182.
  • Kaptein, M. C., van Emden, R., & Iannuzzi, D. (2016). Investigation of the concept of beauty via a lock-in feedback experiment. arXiv preprint arXiv:1607.08108.

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Last amended: 13 February 2018