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S. (Shuai) Chen


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Center Ph. D. Students

Personal Website

My personal website can be found here


My research interests include labor economics, political economy, and applied econometrics. 

I am supervised by Prof. Dr. Jan C. van Ours and Prof. Dr. Arthur H.O. van Soest. My first two projects are about the subjective well-being effects and durations of same-sex partnerships respectively. I expect to graduate in 2019.


Belangrijkste publicaties

  • Chen, Xi, Di'an Li, Xing Gao, Shuai Chen & Ben-Chang Shia. 2010. Application of Data Mining in Claim Fraud of Insurance Clients. Statistics and Decision 2010 (4), 154-158
Laatst bewerkt: 11 april 2018