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Paper Els Gijsbrechts accepted in the Journal of Marketing

Published: 17th December 2019 Last updated: 17th December 2019

A paper by Els Gijsbrechts, together with Jonne Guyt from the UvA, titled: “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing.

Jonne Guyt was a former Tilburg PhD in the Marketing department and this paper started as one of his dissertation essays under the supervision of Els Gijsbrechts.


Being pressured to defend their sales against discounters, grocery retailers have come to engage in Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events: promotional events (i) specific to the retailer, in which they (ii) mass advertise (iii) unusually deep, immediate deals (iv) across a broad range of categories (v) under a common savings theme and deal format. Based on these characteristics, we expect such events to generate higher awareness and interest than typical day-to-day promotions, thereby enhancing visits and purchases during the event period, but also reducing them before and after the event. We evaluate these effects by analyzing 44 Retailer-Themed Super Saver Events operated by the largest Dutch grocery retailers over four years. We find a substantial increase in visits and total purchases during the event, especially among nonprimary customers and hard-discount shoppers. The larger part of this lift stems from the use of an overarching event theme. Consumers buy less in anticipation of the event and visit the store more often afterward, but for smaller baskets – typically leading to a null effect in terms of profit. Finally, our results suggest that rather than the deal depth or advertising budget, the number of items and media resonance of the theme are key drivers of event success.