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Paper by Niels van de Ven accepted for publication in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Published: 04th March 2021 Last updated: 04th March 2021

Niels van de Ven had a paper accepted on “Strength is Still a Weakness in Coalition Formation: Replicating the Strength-is-Weakness Effect Using the Online Coalition Game” (co-authored with J. Wissink, I. van Beest, and T. Pronk). The paper will be published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.


Earlier work that documented the Strength-is-Weakness effect found that in 3-party negotiations, the strong bargainer is often excluded as the weaker bargainers join together to form a coalition. The original work on this used suffered from various shortcomings (too small sample sizes, unreliable procedures) that we improved upon. We still replicate the strength-is-weakness effect in coalition formation, confirming the earlier work in a more robust way and providing insights into possible processes underlying the effect.