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Paper Samuel Stäbler accepted for publication in Marketing Letters

Published: 22nd April 2021 Last updated: 22nd April 2021

The paper of Samuel Stäbler on “The Street Music Business: Consumer Responses to Buskers Performing on the Street and on Online Video Platforms” (a collaboration with Kim Katharina Mierisch, a consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners) has been accepted for publication in Marketing Letters.

The street music business dates back hundreds of years and exists in many cities of the world. Although anecdotal evidence suggests the number of listeners who donate varies widely, academic research has not examined why listeners donate to buskers. An intensive field study covering 80,471 consumers assessed the relevance and magnitude of theoretically derived drivers. A second study investigated the degree to which offline success factors predict consumer responses to buskers performing on online video platforms. Estimation results reveal several drivers, many of which differ from musicians’ commonly held beliefs. This study contributes not only to the marketing of buskers but also to marketing of other businesses that engage in fund-raising in public spaces.