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Given the mission statement of the research institute and its focus on research on the interface between medicine and psychology, a multidisciplinary approach that involves expertise from other health-related scientific disciplines is pivotal. This includes a very close collaboration with medical specialists, biologists, and other bio-medically oriented disciplines. In order to achieve this aim, CoRPS aims at strategic alliances with partners from the medical community that have an excellent clinical profile and an established scientific expertise.

The Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital is a training hospital which provides highly specialised medical care. This top clinical hospital offers education and educational programmes in a broad sense, advancing high-quality care for patients and fulfilling an important role in applied medical scientific research. It offers the opportunity for PhD research to specialists and trainee specialists.

The lasting collaboration with the Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital resulted in a comprehensive agreement on cooperation in the fields of research and education. Specialists and psychologists from the hospital participate in the program of the Master Medical Psychology. Because of its scientific mission, the Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital sponsored the foundation of a shared chair in Personality and Quality of Life in the Medical Setting in 2006, held by Professors Jan Anne Roukema (oncological surgeon) and Jolanda de Vries (clinical health psychologist) who were also appointed to intensify their joint research program on oncology at the Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital.

As of January 2007, the Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital decided to anchor its scientific collaboration with CoRPS in the context of a more comprehensive covenant. The Elisabeth Tweesteden hospital and the department of Medical and Clinical Psychology have been working together for several years on research projects on cardiovascular disorders, and in the internship of students from the Master Medical Psychology. They also have the intention to extend this collaboration to other relevant fields of medical expertise. The Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital also sponsored the foundation of a chair in Integrative Cardiology in 2012, held by Jos Widdershoven, cardiologist.



Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital
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