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New book: 'Partnerships for livable cities'

Published: 25th August 2020 Last updated: 31st August 2020

The book 'Partnerships for Livable Cities', edited by Dr. Cor van Montfort (Tilburg University and VU Amsterdam) and Dr. Ank Michels (Utrecht University) has just been published. In this volume, scholars from around the world discuss various innovative forms of collaboration between public and private actors that contribute to making our cities more livable.

The livability of our cities is a topic of increasing relevance and urgency. The world's cities are becoming congested, putting pressure on the quality of the environment, affordable housing and causing safety to become a major problem. Urban governments are unable to address these major challenges on their own. They seek cooperation with other governments, companies, civil society organizations, and citizens. The central question in this book is: How do partnerships between public and private actors contribute to the livability of cities?  Under what conditions are partnerships successful, and when do they fail to yield the desired results?

The contributions in this book focus on green spaces in the city, affordable housing, safety, neighborhood revitalization and on 'learning by doing' in urban living labs. The book offers also a toolbox that can help practitioners and academics to systematically pose the relevant design- or evaluation questions. With examples from amongst others Seoul, Sao Paulo, Montreal, Melbourne, Cape Town, Nairobi, Dublin, Baltimore, Eindhoven, Fukushima,  the Pearl River Delta in China, Berlin, Parijs en Turin.

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Partnerships for Livable Cities