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Change password

You can change your own password through the Selfservice university account.

Authenticate yourself with your username and password and choose a new password. After acceptation the password is valid to log on to your PC, to access your e-mailbox and the wireless network and for web access through Single Sign On.

Change my password of my university account

Once accepted, the new password will serve as your means of authentication when accessing a computer workstation and study area on campus, the campus network, your mailbox, and University web services.

You can use the changed password immediately.

Change password while working from home

Did you get the notification to change your password and are not working on campus for the time being? Then read here how to make sure your new password also works for logging into your computer itself.

What to do?

1. Change your password as usual.
2. Log in to VPN and use your new password to do so 
3. Lock your computer (Windows character + L)
4. Log back in with your new password

Also see the Self Service Portal.

Why do I have to do it like this?

After changing your password, you always have to use it the first time you log on to your device (Tilburg University account on your computer or laptop) while it is connected to the Tilburg University network.

If you work at home, you are connected to your home network, so your computer does not yet realize that you have changed your password. Therefore you still need your old password to log on. By first connecting your computer to the VPN network, then logging out and logging on again, you enter the password while you are connected to the Tilburg University network. In the future, you can immediately use your new password when starting up your computer.

I cannot access my university mailbox with Outlook after I changed my password

Most likely you instructed Outlook to remember your password and Outlook is now trying to access your university mailbox with your old password. You must change the password Outlook is using manually. Proceed as follows.

  • Click in the Outlook file menu on Tools > Account Settings,
  • Select your university mailbox and click 'Change',
  • Enter your new password at the 'Logon Information',
  • Click 'Next' and 'Finish'.