TiU Dataverse: central online repository for research data at Tilburg University

TiU Dataverse is the central online repository for research data at Tilburg University. The TiU Dataverse is managed by the Research Data Office (RDO) at Library and IT Services (LIS).

On April 27, 2018, Tilburg University Dataverse data repository has obtained the international data quality mark, the CoreTrustSeal. On March 12, 2023, the repository was recertified for another three years.

How to deposit?

Tilburg University researchers who want to deposit their data set(s) are requested to follow the instructions (see below). Compliance with these instructions is necessary in order for TiU Dataverse to meet the requirements of the CoreTrustSeal Certification.

When to deposit?

The Tilburg University data policy is that the empirical data of all academic research studies that are reported in academic publications should be documented and archived in such a way that they can be replicated. But also when the data are unique in their kind and when the exact same data collection cannot be replicated (for example, because the data are related to a unique time and place), it is important to share these data with other researchers.

When the data cannot be shared with others, they can still be archived in TiU Dataverse to ensure safe storage. You can then choose for restricted access.

Data sets should be deposited at the latest when you publish a paper or other publication based on the data. Note: nowadays data sets can be deposited also before the publication of research results. TiU Dataverse is, however, not meant for storage of working versions, but your data package should be finished and complete.


For more information and support, you can contact the Research Data Office at

The Research Data Office (RDO) is the virtual one-stop shop for researchers and schools for all questions about research data management. The RDO offers support and advice on:

  • Managing, storing and preserving research data.
  • Research data management plans for funding proposals.
  • Issues related to the university’s Research Data Management Regulation.
  • Processing personal data in research data.

A supporting website is available at the university’s intranet with tips and frequently asked questions for submitting datasets in TiU Dataverse (login required).

More about TiU Dataverse

TiU Dataverse takes part of the DataverseNL network. DataverseNL is a shared data service of several Dutch universities and institutions. The data management is in the hands of the member organizations, while the national organization Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) manages the network.

DataverseNL is built upon a scientific platform developed by Harvard University and used worldwide.

Preservation policy

TiU Dataverse is designed for long-term preservation of research data. This enables researchers worldwide to benefit from existing data. The repository follows a policy of active preservation enabling formal archiving and open access to data to ensure the continued access to the research data for future generations. It does this in cooperation with national organization Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS).