Research facilities PhD in Business

Excellent, world-class research facilities are in place for our researchers and PhD students.

  • About 200 seminars and 30 informal workshops a year
  • Excellent facilities to conduct experiments
  • CentERdata expertise on data collection and innovative research
  • High performance computing facilities
  • Fully equipped office space at the research department of your track
  • Extensive research databases
  • State-of-the-art library

About 200 seminars and 30 informal workshops a year

TiSEM has seven seminar series, providing frequent opportunities for visiting researchers, PhD students, and our faculty members to discuss current research and ongoing projects. Each year about 200 seminars and 30 informal workshops are organized.

Overview of planned seminars

CentERlab provides excellent facilities to conduct experiments

CentERlab is TiSEM’s facility for conducting economic and business experiments. It consists of a dedicated computerized laboratory, containing 24 partitioned workstations (the A-Lab) and 10 individual cubicles (the B-Lab).

More information about CentERlab

CentERdata expertise on data collection and innovative research

CentERdata is the institute for data collection and research that is affiliated with our School. They conduct panel surveys through a tele panel of around 2000 households in the Netherlands. It is an eminent party in survey, policy and consumer research and an expert in the field of customized software development for complex domestic and international projects in which innovation plays a key role.

More information about CentERdata

High performance computing facilities

High Performance Computing (HPC) is the umbrella term for all computing services that require more computing capacity than regular workstations can provide. The Blade computing environment was especially designed for our School and consists of powerful servers on which researchers can interactively work on data and run statistical computations. If Blade Computing is not sufficient, our researchers and PhDs have access to cluster computing, grid computing and to the Cartesius supercomputer services at Surfsara.

Work on your doctoral research in a fully equipped office space

All PhD students in our PhD in Business program become employees of our School and receive a fully equipped office space at the department of their track. The office space is usually shared with 1 or 2 other PhD students to facilitate knowledge sharing and collegial support. Laptop, docking station, monitor, etc including necessary software and statistical software is provided.

Extensive research and financial databases

Our university provides access to a very extensive set of databases for information, articles and research data.

Overview of databases

State-of-the-art library

The university has a state-of-the-art library with over 800,000 books, journals, illustrations, early works and manuscripts. An additional extensive collection of e-books and e-journals provides a treasure of scholarly information.

More information about the library and its collections