PhD Program CentER Graduate School

At CentER Graduate School you can either pursue a PhD in Business or a PhD in Economics. The PhD programs in business and economics take three years in which you work on a PhD dissertation. In principle, PhD students do not follow any courses but fully focus on conducting research.

PhD in Business

The PhD program in Business consists of seven tracks:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Information Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Research
  • Organization & Strategy
  • Tax Economics

PhD in Economics

The PhD program in Economics consists of three tracks:

  • Econometrics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics


We expect all our PhD candidates to have the same strong educational background before starting in the three-year dissertation writing phase. Therefore we, in principle, do not admit anyone into our full time PhD program directly.

If you are interested in our full time funded PhD program and you are of the opinion that your background is already strong enough for direct admission, you should still apply for the Research Master program using the online application system. You need to upload all the required documents and mention in your motivation letter that you are interested in the PhD program.

The admission committee will evaluate your application file and they will decide if your application is eligible for admission in general and if your application is strong enough for direct admission to the PhD program or if there are still some educational deficiencies, in which case the admission committee can decide to admit you to the Research Master program instead.

Status of PhD students in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, PhD students are employees and therefore receive a salary. These wages start at approximately €2,100 gross per month and increase annually to result in a final salary of approximately €2,700 gross per month. All university salaries are based on collective agreements between Tilburg University and the labor unions representing university employees. Moreover, PhD students in the Netherlands have a shared office space, teach classes, and attend seminars.

Career perspectives

After finishing your PhD in Business or Economics, we will assist you in searching for an academic position at one of the top universities in the world. You can also start working at, for example, research institutes, banks, or consultancy firms.