Structure and content of the Professional PhD Program

During the five-year trajectory, candidates will follow a set of five modules designed under the form of intensive one-week courses. The modules are composed of academic courses, training, as well as opportunities of networking with TiSEM staff, international scholars and fellow PhD candidates.

Module 1 (year 1, semester 1):

The first part of this module will present Tilburg university policies and introduce the candidate to the library resources. Courses on research ethics and academic integrity will allow the candidate to improve his/her knowledge of the scientific community. The candidate will also take a course on learning styles providing coaching support in developing the cognitive styles essential to scientific activities. The second part of the module will prepare the candidate on the methodological front, providing methodological tools in writing his/her academic full research proposal and preparing a relevant literature review for his/her doctoral thesis.   

Module 2: (year 2, semester 1):

The second module is organized as a seminar workshop. The candidates will present their research proposal and research progress to fellow participants and selected TiSEM faculty. They will receive feedback and guidance from both candidates and faculty. The presentation will be followed by a set of interactive seminars presented by TiSEM scholars as well as international academic guest professors. The module will provide an excellent set-up in building and exchanging top academic knowledge.

Module 3 (year 3, semester 1):

The third module is organized as a workshop focusing on best practices, challenges and skills for publishing academic work. The candidate will have the occasion to learn preparing and avoiding typical pitfalls academics face when submitting their work to workshops, conferences or journals. They will be presenting articles in progress related to their doctoral thesis.

Module 4 (year 4, semester 1):

The fourth module consist of a workshop with scholars from around the world who will be invited to give a seminar.

Module 5 (year 5, semester 1):

The fifth module is a back-to-campus module. Candidates will typically be preparing their final manuscript and getting ready for the pre-defense and defense. Sessions of preparation and managing expectations regarding the pre-defense as well as the latest regulation will be organized. This week will surely be required for even more intensive collaboration with the promotor and co-promotor.

PhD professional Program modules