CentER PhD theses 2006

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2006.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. Air Cargo Revenue Management

    Blomeyer, J.
  2. 2006 nr.186

    Szymanowska, M. Essays on rational asset pricing
  3. 2006 nr.185

    Ibrahim, M.K.M. Trust, dependence and interorganizational systems
  4. 2006 nr.184

    Lazarova, E.A. Stability, governance and effectiveness
  5. 2006 nr.183

    Korpos, A. Monetary regimes in open economies
  6. 2006 nr.182

    Martynova, M. The market for corporate control and corporate governance regulation in Europe
  7. 2006 nr.181

    Vasnev, A.L. Local sensitivity in econometrics
  8. 2006 nr.180

    Stinstra, E. The meta-model approach for simulation-based design optimization
  9. 2006 nr.179

    Zhang, C. Ethics, investments and investor behavior
  10. 2006 nr.178

    Velikova, M.V. Monotone models for prediction in data mining
  11. 2006 nr.177

    de Jong, M.G. Response bias in international marketing research
  12. 2006 nr.176

    Cruijssen, F. Horizontal cooperation in transport and logistics
  13. 2006 nr.175

    Wang, Y. Essays on the relevance and use of dirty surplus accounting flows in Europe
  14. 2006 nr.174

    Di Maria, C. Choosing the direction
  15. 2006 nr.173

    Husslage, B.G.M. Maximin designs for computer experiments
  16. 2006 nr.172

    Li, Y. On microscopic simulation models of financial markets
  17. 2006 nr.171

    Estevez Fernandez, M.A. Cooperative behavior, competition and operations research
  18. 2006 nr.170

    Stryszowska, M.A. Essays on auctions
  19. 2006 nr.169

    Quant, M. Interactive behavior in conflict situations
  20. 2006 nr.168

    Sels, A.T.H. Foreign direct investment as an entry mode. An application in emerging economies
  21. 2006 nr.167

    van der Lans, R.J.A. Brand search
  22. 2006 nr.166

    Zhu, D. Essays on financial structure and macroeconomic performance
  23. 2006 nr.165

    Driessen, L. Simulation-based optimization for product and process design
  24. 2006 nr.164

    Bargiacchi, R. Modelling and testing behavior in applications to climate change
  25. 2006 nr.163

    Nadolska, A. Learning to expand internationally
  26. 2006 nr.162

    Laros, F.J.M. Emotions in consumer research
  27. 2006 nr.161

    van Krieken, M.G.C. Solving set partitioning problems using lagrangian relaxation
  28. 2006 nr.160

    Le Blanc, H.M. Closing loops in supply chain management
  29. 2006 nr.159

    Krishnan, R. When is trust produced and when does it matter? Taking a closer look at trust and alliance performance
  30. 2006 nr.158

    Kahanec, M. Social interaction in the labor market
  31. 2006 nr.157

    Boes, M.J. Index options