CentER PhD theses 2008

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2008.

All CentER PhD theses

Copies can be ordered from the author, via the CentER Graduate Office.

  1. 2008 nr.229

    Jia, Y. Essays on the role of managerial type in financial reporting
  2. 2008 nr.228

    Wick, A.K. Conflicts, development and natural resources
  3. 2008 nr.227

    Tumer-Alkan, G. Essays on banking
  4. 2008 nr.226

    Roscovan, V. Essays on banking and asset pricing
  5. 2008 nr.225

    Schijven, M.P.G. Acquisition capability development
  6. 2008 nr.224

    van der Werf, E.H. Climate policy and economic dynamics
  7. 2008 nr.223

    Adriaens, H.P.J.M. Financial markets with data-driven investment decisions
  8. 2008 nr.222

    van der Cruijsen, C.A.B. The economic impact of central bank transparency
  9. 2008 nr.221

    van Wessel, R.M. Realizing business benefits from company IT standardization
  10. 2008 nr.220

    Toepoel, V. A closer look at web questionnaire design
  11. 2008 nr.219

    Prüfer, P. Model uncertainty in growth empirics
  12. 2008 nr.218

    Gryglewicz, S. Essays on competition, corporate financing and investment
  13. 2008 nr.217

    Moretti, S. Cost allocation problems arising from connection situations in an interactive cooperative setting
  14. 2008 nr.216

    Vladislavleva, E. Model-based problem solving through symbolic regression via pareto genetic programming
  15. 2008 nr.215

    Zolotoy, L. Empirical essays on the information transfer between and the informational efficiency of stock markets
  16. 2008 nr.214

    Liu, J. Brand and automaticity
  17. 2008 nr.213

    Gonzalez-Hermosillo Gonzalez, B.M. Transmission of shocks across global financial markets
  18. 2008 nr.212

    Adema, Y. The international spillover effects of ageing and pensions
  19. 2008 nr.211

    Koijen, R.S.J. Essays on asset pricing
  20. 2008 nr.210

    Kets, W. Networks and learning in game theory
  21. 2008 nr.209

    Lammers, J. HIV/AIDS, risk and intertemporal choice
  22. 2008 nr.208

    Sahoo, A. Essays on the Indian economy
  23. 2008 nr.207

    Bouma, J.A. Voluntary cooperation in the provision of a semi-public good
  24. 2008 nr.206

    Siem, A.Y.D. Property preservation and quality measures in meta-models
  25. 2008 nr.205

    Woertman, W.H. Learning in consumer choice
  26. 2008 nr.204

    Gielen, A. C. Age-specific labor market dynamics